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Jord Wooden Watch

This JORD watch has been everything that I needed in a watch. It is lightweight and of course gorgeous! Since it is made out of wood, my expectations were that it was going to be on the heavier side for a watch. But it is actually lighter than any other watch I own! Plus, the details on this watch are incredible. The wood is beautiful and the face of the watch is the perfect color to go with everything that I own.

IMG_0238They customize each watch so I loved how they made the watch perfect for my wrist. When I opened the box it definitely felt like it was created just for me! I have received so many compliments and cannot wait to continue wearing it!


P.S. This would be the perfect gift for graduation! Know anyone graduating this year that needs a watch made just for them? Sign up for the opportunity to win a $75 gift card towards that watch (that expires July 15th, 2016)! One lucky winner will receive an email when you win! BUT guess what?!? There are no losers in this game! Each person that does not win will still get a $20 gift card (that expires October 15th, 2016) towards a new watch! Just click the link below to sign up!

Interested in shopping now? Click here to start!

Good Luck!



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