My Birthday Surprise!

So Joe decided to do a huge birthday surprise this year and I am all about surprises (except I like to know what it is so I can wear something appropriate). The surprise was a HOT AIR BALLOON ride! A hot air balloon, guys. And it was amazing! It was so cool to watch all of the guys work so fast and hard to get 9 balloons up in the air, it was quite the production. If anyone is familiar with the San Diego area, our hot air balloon left from the Del Mar area so we had an incredible view of the city and the ocean.


I am afraid of heights so I thought I was going to be really scared but I ended up not being scared at all! The scariest part about the whole thing was the landing. It wasn’t the smoothest of landings and we almost slid down a hill if it weren’t for the guys that chased us down and put weight on the balloon. The funniest part about it was that our pilot explained to us before that we needed to land on one side of this road and we totally missed our landing spot.


The view was absolutely incredible I couldn’t put my camera down. We got so lucky too because the week leading up to our scheduled flight the nights had been cloudy and San Diego was not having the best sunsets. We had the most beautiful sunset that night though! There were still a few clouds in the sky but just enough to make the perfect sunset. It was really amazing seeing the sunset from above versus the ground. I loved being able to see most of the San Diego and such beautiful houses. By the way, the houses that we flew over were mind blowing. They looked like small resorts. One day I’ll have a house like that!




It was really awesome to see all of the other balloons that were flying at the same time. They may look cool from the ground but they really look awesome when you are flying right next to them! I highly recommend taking a hot air balloon ride, I promise you won’t regret it!




This was the best birthday I have had yet! Cheers to 25!





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