Choker Neck Sweater


Hi my favorite peeps ever!

I am absolutely in love with this RD Style Choker sweater! Seriously, I am obsessed with it!!! The best thing about it is not how gorgeous it is, but how easy it is to style. Today I paired it with a pair of black Frame stagger hem denim and my Kate Spade sneakers. I am so happy with how this outfit turned out.

The wedding planning is coming along! Soon I am going to be sharing all of the details about what I have planned with you! I’m really excited to share with you all who I am going to be working with, especially the photographer and videographer!!  We’ve also been looking into honeymoons the past couple of days. I’m thinking somewhere tropical so I can lay on the beach!  Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Choker Neck Sweater

  1. Jen says:

    OMG I’ve been seeing those choker sweaters everywhere and I keep telling myself I need to get one!! Yours is so gorgeous. In terms of your HM how about going to Fiji? Or maybe the Bahamas? I’ve only been to Hawaii and it was wonderful as well. 🙂

    • Laura Ashley says:

      Thanks Jen! I would love to go to Bahamas but during September its hurricane season! haha so Fiji is for sure on my list!

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