Besties Forever




It’s been 7 years now since me and my best friend first met and I can still remember that first day that she started working at Nordstroms with me. There’s an old saying that says that if a friendship lasts 7 years than it will last a lifetime. So, if there’s any truth to that than we will be besties for life and I couldn’t be more excited! Now that I live in San Diego though, we do the whole long distance friendship thing. It gets tough at times not having a girls night every couple of weeks, but when we see each other we definitely make up for lost time! We’ve been known to drink a lot of wine, go shopping and of course take adorable pictures. Since we can’t shop together in stores, now shopping our favorite sales is done online with a lot of pictures going back and forth, especially for this past Nordstrom sale!!

PC: Ash Gabes Photography 

What do you and your bestie do for fun when you’re together?



25 thoughts on “Besties Forever

  1. Tiffani at Breton Bay says:

    This is SO DARN FUN and ADORABLE!! I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t think the pic I commented on in your IG feed was actually you and your bestie…I assumed it was one of the COMPLETELY PERFECT and TOO CUTE to be people I actually know that you “borrow” online…hahaha. So, high fiving you all the way from the East Coast for this incredible shoot!!!


  2. Kim L. says:

    Gorgeous pictures girly, there is nothing like a bestie photo shoot! Most of my closest girlfriends live far away as well, but when we’re together it’s all about catching up over good food & wine! 😉

  3. Allison / Joy and Ivy says:

    Aw so fun!! I love the tutus and red heels! I have two best friends that live 3 hours from me and I see them a couple of times a year but now that we all have kids our gatherings pretty much center around them. It’s nice to sit and catch up and we always act as though no time has passed, which I love.

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

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