Europe Part 1: The Netherlands

The Netherlands was simply one of the best trips of my life! I had one of my best friends with me and that couldn’t have made it any better! Here are a few of my favorite parts of the country.

My favorite place in the Netherlands had to be the windmills. They were so beautiful and unique that I took just couldn’t stop snapping pictures of them. I felt bad for my friend that was showing us around because we had a hard time not taking pictures of everything. Total tourist if you know what I mean.




Some fun facts about the windmills. They are over 250 years old and there are people that actually live in them.  When the wind changes direction the people that live inside actually turn the windmill towards the wind! I thought it was so crazy that people live in them and that they are still working. Those people must really take great care of them!
Another fun activity that I enjoyed was exploring Utrecht. Utrecht was a bigger city (smaller than Rotterdam and Amsterdam), but it had a lot of shopping a good restaurants. I had the most amazing chicken Caesar salad at one of the restaurants. It was also a city where I had Gelato twice and both were incredible of course. Because let’s be real, I love it all.
Amsterdam was gorgeous. There was so much to do and we had so little time there. The buildings are all made of brick which was so unique to me since we don’t have much like that here in California.


One of the highlights was the Anne Frank house. That was so awesome and I wish I had pictures, but unfortunately they don’t let you. It is a lot of walking and stairs, but I highly suggest it.
The river cruise was really cool too because they give a tour (if you listen to it) throughout the trip. You get to see most of the city by boat and they tell you details about all of the famous buildings. This was where a lot of my pictures came from through Amsterdam.



Rotterdam was very different than anything we had seen in the Netherlands yet. The buildings were very modern since most of it was blown up in WWII. This was unique because when you compare it to Amsterdam, it looks very Americanized.
We went to a market to have lunch and it was so cool because it was basically like a huge farmers market that is there daily! Inside the market there was the tall ceiling with a huge mural on it, it was beautiful. There were so many spots to buy lunch and dessert. You could also buy all the cheese you’d ever want there.

Oh and gelato. Sense a trend here?


The Netherlands was gorgeous and I would highly suggest that everyone visit to explore all of its beauty. Everyone was so genuine (except bicyclists, but that’s a different story) and so open to helping us around the area. I know one day I’ll go back to visit the wonderful family that took me in for two weeks. I am forever grateful to them for the experience and look forward to seeing them again soon.

PS. The monkeys are adorable there 🙂