Besties Forever




It’s been 7 years now since me and my best friend first met and I can still remember that first day that she started working at Nordstroms with me. There’s an old saying that says that if a friendship lasts 7 years than it will last a lifetime. So, if there’s any truth to that than we will be besties for life and I couldn’t be more excited! Now that I live in San Diego though, we do the whole long distance friendship thing. It gets tough at times not having a girls night every couple of weeks, but when we see each other we definitely make up for lost time! We’ve been known to drink a lot of wine, go shopping and of course take adorable pictures. Since we can’t shop together in stores, now shopping our favorite sales is done online with a lot of pictures going back and forth, especially for this past Nordstrom sale!!

PC: Ash Gabes Photography 

What do you and your bestie do for fun when you’re together?





Coffee is literally my life, and as soon as I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. It literally speaks to my mornings. I have to have my favorite cup of coffee every morning, which includes the Vons/Safeway brand Organics French Roast K-cups, coconut oil, and Coffee Mate Natural Bliss sweet cream flavor. We use an emersion blender to make sure it is all mixed perfectly. It’s honestly the only thing that can get me through the day. Can anyone these days get through work without coffee? If so, let me know on how you do it!

The dress is so comfortable! I could seriously wear it everyday and never miss a beat. The wonderful part is that it is so easy to just throw it on with a pair of flats, sandals, or booties. It can even take you into fall with a nice sweater and some tall boots! Since it has been so warm in San Diego, I’ve been wearing the dress on its own with some booties or sandals. I also throw in a hat every once in a while to give it a more edgy look and to keep that sun out of my eyes.

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